Different seasons bring different levels of activity from many different kinds of home invaders. But you will sleep easy knowing you're in good hands with You Bug Me's - Pest Protection Plan and Pest Protection Plan +. 

Professional Pest Control starts with a quality pest inspection. Our Integrated Pest Management approach starts with the inspection of your home and interview with you, our customer. We will identify  pests and discuss your pest treatment options as well as possible conducive conditions contributing to the problem. By working together we will design a pest control plan to keep your home free from invaders.

Pest Protection Plan​​

The first visit is set up to immediately eliminate your pest problem and begin monitoring your home to prevent future pest control issues. We start with a Pest Control Inspection in and around your home for possible conducive conditions and pest identification; De-Webbing your home to knockdown any evidence of current activity and applying your first pest treatment to the exterior. We will handle the placement of monitoring stations as needed and as always FREE RE-TREATMENTS between services.


Add Carpenter Ant protection to your Pest Protection Plan and help control this wood destroying pest. This can save you thousands in repair cost to your home while still protecting it form the home invading pests your Pest Protection Plan already covers.

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Pest Control Services