Roach Treatment

Cleaning the environment is the first step to our treatment process. This may include vacuuming, cleaning out cabinets and other hiding places to limit their numbers and food sources. These simple steps will help make other treatments more effective.

Your You Bug Me Professional will treat the areas where they hide; crack and crevices, wall voids, false ceilings ​​​​and others. Call Today for your Free Inspection and Treatment Plan.

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Roach Control

Roach Control starts with a complete inspection. By properly identifying the type of roach you have we can devise the proper Roach Treatment for what's infesting your home. Different roaches like different conditions; our experience tells us what they like and how to find them.

Roches can move along water pipes, electric lines or vents to enter your home and move from room to room. In many cases they can be active year round making their infestation harder and harder to control. Cockroaches can carry disease because they tend to gather in areas of waste, like sewers and drains.