How Rodent Control  TreatmentS Work

Rodents are the last thing most people want to think about sharing their home with, but all to often that is what is happening, and you may not even know it. Rats occupy your attic, or crawl space; living, breeding, and looking to share whatever food or water source you have.
Rats and Mice can carry disease and bacteria and it is not wise to handle any rodent.

They transmit disease through their saliva, fecal matter and urine making any where they go a potential health problem. Mouse control like Rat Control should be done early to minimize the risk of disease.Rodents tend to be rapid breeders. They are extremely nimble, and are capable of squeezing through spaces much smaller than their bodies.

It can be extremely difficult to do rodent control in large numbers so it's is best to start prevention earlier not later. 

Rodent Control Companies

Rat and Mouse Control

•  Like all of our services Rodent Control begins with a thorough inspection of the home looking for current activity zones and any possible or future entry points. We identify harborage areas you should be concerned about as well as food and water sources. 

•  We then design a Rodent Control Plan to catch and remove any activity you may have, to ensure that these invaders are out of your home.

•  Our trained service team will execute a plan to exclude them from your home – sealing the exterior holes, covering entry points both in the attic and in your crawl space when needed.

It is not recommended that homeowners try to address this issue on their own. Rodents will attack if the feel threatened or cornered and have been known to attack pets and children. You can feel safe in knowing if you have our plan; if they come back - we'll be back!!